Nocturnal Ravenblood started in 2012 A.D. as musical expression born from the mind of S.Raven in symbiosis with the Darkness and its esoteric matrix. The composition unravels through the various nuances of an instrumental Doom Metal , that every time it combines with many other elements giving rise to more and more sophisticated and experimental structures.
The first grant of Darkness takes shape through the first demo "Requies."


The darkness open doors to new dimensions. In the eyes of those who looks at these doors open worlds that most people do not know and do not want to know.

Infinite visions take shape through the will of the Ancient of days. His will gave rise to everything...

Every person who has the will to peer through the way of the void, learn His knowledge.


The esoteric path continues during the year 2012 through the composition of new songs that expand the sonic possibilities through the merger of shares more melodic and airy, and other more claustrophobic and introspective. The compositive time limit is realized in 2013 with the album "Reditus Nihil."